The Real Black Friday Is Here! |
The Real Black Friday is here!
The Real Black Friday is here!
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Posted By: Nicole

Ready, set, bet! Our Black Friday deal is here and it’s going to blow your socks off! Think of the simplest way to win R10 000, however, whatever you think of, we guarantee we can beat it. We are giving you a simple chance to win R10 000 in our Black Friday Extended competition.

So, listen up because this is how you’ll become R10 000 richer in just a few days. To qualify for the random selection, go to and start placing your daily bets between the 29th of November (Black Friday) all the way to the 2nd of December (Cyber Monday). Therefore, you have 4 days to place your bets on LottoStar with the possibility of being one of the ten lucky people to be R10 000 richer – a small price to pay to win big.

LottoStar’s Black Friday Extended deal ensures you a win-win situation. Just think, with an extra R10 000 you can shop till you drop and still have change left. Your Black Friday doesn’t have to end today, with LottoStar you can extend your shopping spree for as long as you want. Bet on the Black Friday that guarantees you the best deal and value for money. Bet on LottoStar.

Our Black Friday extended draw will take place on Tuesday, 3 December and winners will be announced on the same day. This is one opportunity that you don’t want to miss out on.

Winning has never been this easy!

Black Friday update: 03 December 2019

Congratulations to all our winners!

  • Ms B.V
  • Mr A.M
  • Mr A.B
  • Mr S.K.S
  • Ms K.B
  • Ms M.C
  • Ms M.A.M
  • Ms A.T.N
  • Ms F.N
  • Ms N.I.N

Here's what some of our lucky winners had to say:

"Ah, that's nice. Thank you so much, I really appreciate that." - Ms. B.V

"Oh serious? That's absolutely fantastic news! Wow, thanks a lot that is really great news this time of the year!" - Mr. A.B

"Serious? That's absolutely awesome. I didn't expect that but that's very nice. Thank you so much." - Ms. K.B

"Wow, is this true? I really can't believe what I'm hearing right now. Thank you LottoStar, this really made my December." - Ms. M.A.M

"Say you are joking? I never expected this to happen to me but ngiyabonga. I'm so happy that I can now be able to go shopping and spoil myself. Thank you." - Ms. F.N