Totem Drop Jackpot Winner |
Totem Drop Jackpot Winner
Totem Drop Jackpot Winner

Posted By: Dane Brown

Winning has never been this easy! - In just a few hours after launching our Totem Drop Game, we had our first Jackpot winner.

Our Jackpot winner was overjoyed with their win and had this to say:

What was your first reaction when you realised you won the jackpot on our Totem Drop game?

I was quite shocked! I saw that Totem Drop was available to bet on this morning so, I decided to give it a try and I am quite stoked about the win.

Who was the first person you shared the exciting news with and what was their reaction?

I have not shared the news with anyone yet.

What made you place a bet on our Totem Drop game?

I love the new games and I really enjoy the Dazzle Drop game.

What will you be doing with your winnings?

I am going to put it into my savings or pay off some debt either way, it is extremely helpful during this time.

What do you think of LottoStar and your experience betting on LottoStar?

It has been awesome.

Will you continue to place bets on Totem Drop and our other lotteries and games?

Yes, I will.

Do you recommend betting on LottoStar to any of your friends and family?

Yes, of course. It is better than going to a casino.

Do you have any additional comments?

Thanks for the new games, they are great.

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