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The list of impressive Blackjack wins continues and it includes an infamous MIT team, a shoeless man and much more.

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Don Johnson - $15.1 Million (R244 Million)

The biggest blackjack win in history stands at $15,1 Million and was won by CEO of Heritage Development LLC, Don Johnson. Famous for his clever tactics and benefiting from splitting a good hand into four hands and doubling his bets whenever he wanted which are just some strategies that helped him bag the biggest blackjack win ever. However, not everyone was pleased with his powerful tactics as his win scored him a long ban which meant he was not allowed enter the top casinos of Las Vegas or Atlantic City! That’s a small price to pay for winning $15,1 Million!

The MIT Blackjack Team - $500,000 in one night (R8 Million)

Ever watched the blockbuster movie 21, where a group of MIT students use their mathematic skills plus a little bit of luck to count cards and win big in Vegas? Well, for those who did not know, the movie is based on real-life events. They are one of the first teams to count cards in blackjack making millions throughout the ’80s and ’90s. The team had claimed to have won more than $500,000 in one night leaving casinos across the United States of America mystified by their system of winning. The team was made up of MIT students and was led by the infamous Bill Kaplan, however, news quickly travelled about the card-counting MIT team which led casinos and the authorities to start investigating the team but miraculously they were never caught. The MIT team are definitely considered some of the most historic blackjack winners, however, their chances of getting away with counting cards today would be quite slim as the advancements in casino security and technology make it nearly impossible to count cards.

Ken Uston - $4,5 Million (R72 Million)

Ken Uston’s who’s blackjack skills earned him a place in the Blackjack Hall of Fame did not believe in luck but attributed his future wins to the book “Beat the Dealer” by Thorn. Uston’s strategy involved examining and understanding the mathematical foundation of blackjack which helped him and his team to over $4,5 million in wins. Like the MIT team, Ken too enjoyed counting cards and was banned form betting in the state of Nevada. Ken’s winning antics are still well known in various casinos today and his techniques have been said to have led casinos to implement multi-hand blackjack and several card shoes.

Shoeless Joe – $1,5 Million (R24 Million)

The man dubbed Shoeless Joe won $1,5 Million on a blackjack table after entering the casino with no shoes on. His identity has never been revealed and hence, will forever be known as Shoeless Joe. The stories about the man without shoes who won major on a blackjack game all differ but the most common is that Joe was banished from his house by his wife so, he cashed in a $300 security check and used the money to bet on blackjack. Even though Joe disregarded all the classic strategies of the game, doubling when he shouldn’t or splitting when most professional players wouldn’t, miraculously he still managed to win big. However, Joe’s win did not last long and he ended up losing most of his accumulated $1,5 million in winnings. He may not have won all the money in the end but Shoeless Joe’s story lives on.

Kerry Packer

Famously known for playing eight hands at numerous blackjack tables at the Las Vegas MGM in 1995, Kerry Packer epitomizes ‘risking it all for the reward’. Kerry, who placed a $250,000 bet per hand wound up winning 20 times successively. Seems crazy but like most betting experts would say ‘there is no reward without the risk’. Ken Packer experienced many wins and losses in his betting career but will always be known as one of the bravest betting fanatics.

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