Resulting every 2 seconds, players stand the chance of winning up to R10 million in payouts by betting on the MegaCash event!

Betting on the outcome of the MegaCash event is quick and easy, all players need to do is predict 5 numbers out of a possible 49 balls, and 2 bonus numbers out of a possible 10 balls.

This event results directly from Zamlottery 5 of 49 Plus.

Bets can be boosted using the booster feature to increase the value of your payout simply by dragging the slider to the option you want to choose.

To bet on the MegaCash event, simply click the “Play now” button to get betting. The MegaCash event does not use betslips or emails, instead, if you would like to review your bets placed your bet slips can be viewed in accounts transactions.

Play Credits will be deducted directly from players’ credits once they click on “Bet.”

The complete fixed-odds table can be viewed here.

PLAY MegaCash