1. What is lotto betting?

    Fixed Odds betting is the prediction of the outcome (numbers to be drawn) of a future event (lottery event) in order to win a pre-disclosed amount agreed upon at the time of placing the bet.

  2. Betting online with LottoStar

    When you bet on LottoStar, you are not buying a lottery ticket into the official international lottery draw but rather betting on the outcome or result of that draw. LottoStar is a licenced betting company which is not connected or associated in any way to the relevant official lottery operators. Any money you win on LottoStar is paid out by us, not the official lottery operator.

  3. How can LottoStar afford such large payout amounts?

    LottoStar operates on an insurance model, which means that bets that are placed are insured on the probability that a player predicts all the numbers correctly. Jackpot payouts won will be paid directly by the insurer while other winnings will be paid by LottoStar.

    The insurers have passed all probity requirements by the relevant Gaming Boards and LottoStar have provided various guarantees to be able to pay any winnings to players.

  4. Why bet with LottoStar instead of buying a lottery ticket?

    LottoStar offers its players the opportunity to place bets on international lottery events. When you bet with us, you are not participating directly in those lotteries, you are betting on the outcome of that lottery. Buying international lottery tickets is illegal in South Africa and the operators of these and yourself could be prosecuted as reported by relevant authorities.

As we are licenced by the Mpumalanga Economic Regulator (MER), everything we do is legitimate and regulated.
Your bets are legal and safe with us.