Major Lotteries

Posted By: Nicole

Ireland celebrates another major EuroMillions winner – On Tuesday one lucky person in Ireland won the €49.5 Million EuroMillions jackpot (R961 Million in South Africa). The winner has not yet come forward but according to news reports, the only winning ticket came from Ireland. This is Ireland’s 16th EuroMillions jackpot winner since 2004 and the 16th EuroMillions jackpot winner this year so far. The winning numbers were revealed to be 14, 15, 24, 29 and 42, plus Lucky Stars 2 and 4.

A spokesperson for the Irish National Lottery said: “This is amazing news for one of our lucky players, €49.5 million is truly a life-changing prize and we are delighted to confirm that this lucky ticket was sold in Ireland.

“This is Ireland's 16th EuroMillions jackpot winner and we are now asking all our players to check their tickets very carefully to see if they are the lucky winner or winners.” What would be your reaction if you found out that you had just won a R225 Million jackpot?

Here are some of the most common reactions to winning the lottery:


Many major lottery winners are in shock upon finding out that they have just won a major jackpot. In fact, a lottery win in Massachusetts, USA, a 32 year old man found himself in absolute shock after he had found out that he had just won the US Powerball jackpot. He was leaving work one evening, when his college mentioned that someone could have won the jackpot. As his colleague read out the winning numbers, the 32-year-old man realised that he was the winner and scream “I’ve won”. Fortunately, the major winner is a doctor and probably had a remedy to deal with the shock.


Some lottery winners are in absolute disbelief after finding out that they have won big and often believe that they are being pranked or scammed. A $100,000 (R1,1 Million) winner in Sydney, Australia, was in utter disbelief when he received a call confirming that he had just won $100,000 and hung up on the call several times before realising that he had won on a lottery. The $100,000 winner had initially thought that it was a telemarketer trying to sell him something.

Caught off guard

Most winners rarely expect that they would win the lottery, therefore, many may not be in the best position or location when receiving the great news. A lottery winner in Melbourne, Australia, was in the shower when he heard the winning lottery numbers being called out on TV and realised, he had matched all the winning numbers. Within an instant the man “dived out of the shower” and went straight to confirm his winning numbers online.

Are you prepared to win a major lottery?

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