Bizarre ways to spend your jackpot winnings!

Bizarre ways to spend your jackpot winnings!

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Posted By: Lebo

What would you do if you won one of the biggest payouts in the world? You would probably purchase a mansion or two, a warehouse full of sports cars, take multiple vacations across the globe, or buy an island. Some people daydream above and beyond.

These jackpot winners were creative and thought out of the box with their winnings:

John Kutey, who was one of the seven jackpot winners sharing a whopping $319 Million (over R5 Billion in South Africa), built a water park in his hometown with part of his $19 Million (over R298 Million in South Africa). It was in honour of his and his wife’s parents.

Bob Erb from Canada spent most of his $25 Million winnings (over R393 Million in South Africa) on charitable contributions. Within a year, he had donated an estimated $8 Million (over R125 Million in South Africa). Some of the causes he supported were controversial.

Peter Lavery won a life-changing $17.7 Million (over R2 Billion in South Africa). He decided to invest $5 Million (over R78 Million in South Africa) into his own whiskey company. It turned out to be one of the best decisions he made to this day, the distillery is making a profit. Instead of buying everyone a drink, he wanted to own the drinks they were buying.

The very next day after winning $3.4 Million (over R53 Million in South Africa) Greta and Tony Dodd, went out to seek the best surgeon to replace their kneecaps. Due to joint problems, Gerta couldn’t take part in dancing, her first love. With their new knees, they both can waltz back onto the dance floor.

For David Copeland, the sky is the limit wasn’t enough for him. With his $1 Million (over R15 Million in South Africa) lottery winnings, he decided to purchase pieces of land on the Moon, Mars, and Venus for undisclosed amounts.

Debbie Mather won $6 Million (over R94 Million in South Africa). As a child watching the sky filled with fireworks made her heart happy. Those memories from her childhood inspired her to start up her own fireworks business. She now makes other kids’ faces light up.

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