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Posted By: Nicole

‘Practice makes perfect’ and with almost everything in life, it’s common to make mistakes when starting something new. This refers to betting online as well – you may not be a pro at it from the get-go but there are a few common mistakes that you can avoid when starting out. Here are few things to avoid when getting started in the world of online betting...

Choosing the wrong online betting site

Probably one of the most common mistakes made by people is choosing the wrong or illegal online betting sites. There are many online betting sites that start up overnight, these are often illegal and a trap to scam you out of all your money. It’s imperative to do your research and choose a reputable online betting site that won’t con you out of all your hard-earned money. For instance, LottoStar is licenced and regulated by the Mpumalanga Economic Regulator and is 100% legal.

Registering with fake information

Most reputable online betting sites have steps and processes in place to verify your age and identity. So, do not try and register on a betting site with fraudulent personal information, you will get caught out. LottoStar ensures that all their players’ identities are vetted and approved through a FICA (Financial Intelligence Centre Act) verification process. This process not only verifies a player’s identity but helps protect players and their accounts against any fraudulent activity. Therefore, anyone who registers an account on LottoStar can bet with ease and the assurance that their accounts will be protected from any criminal activity.

Sticking to one game or lottery

When betting online, sticking to what you know is not always the best option or approach. There are numerous games and lotteries to be explored and just because a game or lottery seems difficult to bet on, does not mean it is. LottoStar offers numerous and exciting lotteries, Reel Rush Games, Live Games, Quick Games, Sports and many more. Each game and lottery are explained in detail on LottoStar‘s game information page or if you need a step by step assistance when trying out a new game or lottery, you can contact LottoStar’s support superheroes through:

- The LiveChat option on our website
- Emailing
- Telephonically contacting our call centre on 0860267777

Forgetting to strategize

As much as betting online is about luck, you cannot solely depend on luck. It is important to devise a strategy and game plan when placing your bets on any online betting site. Strategizing not only means understanding the games or lotteries you are betting on but it also means setting a budget for yourself. Make sure the price you are paying is not detrimental to you. Do not bet with money you do not have! If you do find that you have a gambling problem, do not worry, there are always solutions to a problem. On LottoStar, you can visit for steps and help with a gambling problem.

Ignoring the Terms and Conditions

Most online betting sites have terms and conditions on their sites and often many people make the mistake of not reading them. However, it’s important not to skip through them. The terms and conditions contain vital information about the betting site and everything a player should know about registering an account on a betting site. LottoStar offers the site’s terms and conditions when registering an account with us, therefore, you will never miss any vital information.

You will never make a mistake by choosing LottoStar as your online betting platform.

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