Major Lotteries

Posted By: Nicole

Think about all the amazing things that money can buy and how you could afford all these things if you win the lottery. Well, one of the EuroMillions lottery winners is pushing the boundaries when it comes to splurging on all things that only money can buy – Matt Topham. He’s Britain’s youngest EuroMillions jackpot winner who’s just bought his mother-in-law a zoo. The £45 million (R924 Million) winner decided to treat his mother-in-law to an early Christmas present by spending £600,000 (R12 Million) on a petting zoo for her.

Matt’s mother-in-law, Jane, runs and now owns the visitor site at Rushmoor Country Farm Park in Louth with her daughters. This is just one of the latest extravagant purchases Matt and wife Cassey have made since winning their windfall in 2012. The couple also used their winnings to fill the zoo with horses, pigs, pygmy goats, llamas and ducks. They’ve also purchased a falconry centre to house hawks, falcons, barn owls and sea eagles. The 31-year-old newlyweds have gotten used to being millionaires and have been making the most out of their winnings over the last eight years.

Matt, who was a painter and decorator before his major win, has now trained as a helicopter pilot and a racing driver. He has also pursued his love for cars by purchasing numerous luxury cars such as a Jaguar XKR-S, Range Rover Evoque, Porsche and an Aston Martin DB9. In addition, the millionaire couple splurged on building their dream home.

Matt and Cassie purchased a 1930s mansion in Adams Hill, Nottingham, for £1.2million (R24 Million) – which they demolished to make way for their new home, a £5 million (R102 Million) eight-bedroom eco-home named 'Serenity'.

Their lavish dream mansion consists of a sound-proof cinema, a botanical garden, a swimming pool and much more. However, not everyone was impressed with the couple’s flashy mansion as many of their neighbours criticised their home calling it ‘out of character for the area’ but when you have millions in your bank account why would you be concerned with your nosey neighbours?

So, ignore the haters and live your best life with payouts of up to R225 Million!

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