How to deposit on LottoStar!

How to deposit on LottoStar!

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Posted By: Lebo

One of the most crucial features for a player when it comes to online betting is having the ease to deposit quickly, reliably, and securely. LottoStar offers you a variety of deposit methods for your convenience. We also use state-of-the-art bank-level security measures to ensure that your banking details are safe.

As a player, you can easily log into your LottoStar account and deposit funds by clicking on the deposit button and select your preferred method from any of the following:


Arguably, credit and debit cards are the most popular forms to deposit for players. As they are quick and easy to use, most people own at least one card. At LottoStar, our platform provides secure and hassle-free card payment services.


Players have a choice between EFT secure and SiD EFT. These options are also a popular deposit method due to the fact that it’s convenient, safe, and a credit-card-free online deposit solution is a major advantage.

LottoStar accepts real-time EFT transfers with instant payment notifications.


LottoStar accepts direct deposits from all major banks: ABSA, Nedbank, Standard Bank, Capitec and FNB. As one of the safest options to use, players, are the only ones that have access and complete control to their bank accounts and apps. LottoStar makes it easy to deposit funds directly into your LottoStar account. Please note always remember to use your ID or cell phone number as the reference when making your deposit into your LottoStar account.


Another great way to deposit funds into your LottoStar account is to use our alternative methods: SnapScan, PayFast, and MyGate. With LottoStar you can be assured that these methods are easy, safe, flexible, and reliable.


Betting vouchers have become an in-demand option for players to deposit funds. LottoStar offers a variety of choices when it comes to vouchers: LottoStar Voucher, OTT Voucher and 1ForYou. These are one of the simplest ways to top up your account.

With so many deposit methods to use to deposit funds into your LottoStar account, it is important to remember to select an option that suits you best. All of the above methods are trusted and secure.