LottoStar & Kfm Launch #WeAreFamily To Support 50 Families |
LottoStar & Kfm launch #WeAreFamily to support 50 families
LottoStar & Kfm launch #WeAreFamily to support 50 families

Posted By: Charity

The Oxford dictionary defines a family as “a group consisting of one or two parents and their children”, however, our definition of family goes beyond that. It’s people who are always there for us when we need them the most, people who stick with us through the toughest and hardest periods in our life. So, this period of the national lockdown is another challenge that needs families to stick together and overcome the storms of life.

Are you affected by the lockdown, unable to earn an income, need help with your bills or know a family that does? LottoStar and Kfm are here for you because #WeAreFamily.

For two weeks, LottoStar and Kfm will be supporting 50 families in need across the Western Cape by offering them a share of half a million. Meaning that every day, for two weeks, we will be helping 5 families in financial need with R10 000 from a share of the R500 000.

To nominate a family, go to and tell us your story because #WeAreFamily and are right here for you during this difficult lockdown period.