LottoStar Contributes R20 000 To Rays Of Hope |
LottoStar contributes R20 000 to Rays of Hope
LottoStar contributes R20 000 to Rays of Hope

Posted By: Charity

Rays of Hope is a non-profit organization that manages social outreach projects in the Alexandra township, Johannesburg. It started operating in 1991 with only one project but now boasts a network of seven-working community projects in the township. Projects are mainly focused on education, orphaned and vulnerable children and work-readiness. During this lockdown period, Rays of Hope will be providing hampers to 2000 vulnerable families in Alexandra and LottoStar’s contribution will be directed towards this initiative.

The organisation’s core value is “love your neighbour” which is demonstrated through its continuous efforts of uplifting and developing long-lasting relationships with the community of Alexandra to bring about lasting change.

The goal of this initiative is to assist residents of Alexandra in reducing the spread of Covid-19. With the area identified as over-crowded and under-resourced in terms of medical facilities, the organisation seeks to provide non-perishable food items, basic medicines, soaps and sanitizers. The organisation believes this might also help limit movements of people and reduce the possible infections of the virus within the community.

The organisation identified the vulnerable as the unemployed, children living in overcrowded and unsanitary homes, the sick and elderly who can’t risk exposure, people not able to earn a salary due to the no-work-no-pay policies and those with no access to proper medical care.

Companies and individuals are also encouraged to assist with the cause via donations or buying of goods needed for the hampers.