LottoStar Crowns Joburg's Newest Millionaire!

LottoStar Crowns Joburg's Newest Millionaire!


Posted By: Charity

LottoStar’s Summer of Millions competition with 947 has crowned a new millionaire in Gauteng. The five lucky Golden Ticket recipients battled it out on Wednesday, 8 December, in the 947 studio for the ultimate R1 Million grand prize which was won by Maletsatsi Mayema. We interviewed the new lucky millionaire and this is what she had to say:

1. How does it feel to be Jozi's NEWEST Millionaire?
It feels awesome. It’s a great feeling that I can’t really explain.

2. Did you have a feeling that you'd win?
Yes, I did. I woke with this great feeling that something great was about to happen and it did.

3. What was going through your mind when the money wheel was spinning in the final round?

My stomach was turning throughout the whole thing. I couldn’t even look at the spinning wheel but in my mind, I kept on calling out the colour ‘green’.

4. How will you be spending your money?
It will go towards my children’s education, renovating my house and paying off some of my debts.

5. Was this the first time entering any of LottoStar's competitions?
Yes. I always wanted to enter LottoStar’s previous competitions but for some odd reason, I never did. However, this time around I saw that R1 Million grand prize advertised and I knew that I had to enter.

6. Have you ever won anything before with LottoStar?
Yes. I won on Daily Ka-Ching.

7. What's your favourite LottoStar game?
I love the ScratchCard games because they are very entertaining and within my budget. I was not even obsessed with winning the massive payouts on the major lotteries.

8. Please share your final thoughts.
I’m very grateful and would like to say thank you to LottoStar for making my dream of becoming a millionaire possible. I took a leap of faith by entering the Summer of Millions competition and it paid off in the end. I also love how LottoStar always gives back to charity. I’m a giver myself and always give back to the children in my community through my local NGO. LottoStar really put a smile on my face and I will also be doing the same for my local charity.