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LottoStar | KFM May Money Madness competition – Charity Contributions
LottoStar | KFM May Money Madness competition – Charity Contributions

Reach for a dream (RFAD) – selected by Ryan O’Connor

What is Reach for a dream (RFAD)?

Reach for a dream is a foundation that helps to make the dreams of South African children, who are battling terminal diseases, become a reality. Children, from ages 3 to 18 years, fighting terminal diseases like cancer, cystic fibrosis, heart conditions and renal failure get to experience their dreams being fulfilled by RFAD through the assistance of its different sponsors.

What does RFAD do?

RFAD brings hope to the terminally ill children by granting them their childhood’s dreams. As most of the children are bedridden, wheelchair bound and some on endless medication, RFAD’s quest is to uplift and put a smile on their faces by fulfilling their dreams.

How does one refer a dream child to RFAD?

When referring a child to RFAD, one needs to make sure that the child is South African born, are between the ages of 3 and 18 years of age, fighting a terminal disease and have not received a wish from another wish granting organisation before.

Then RFAD will confirm if the child meets the above-mentioned requirements and send back a form to the children’s family to gather more information about the child’s dream. Once the filled-out form is received by RFAD, a team of well-trained volunteers will be sent to visit the child to discuss the dream further.

Dreams fulfilled

So far, RFAD has made over 18 000 dreams come to pass. Some of the dreams that the children requested from RFAD include meeting a sportsperson or TV personality, go see or visit a place like for example Robben Island, to become for example a ballerina or radio DJ and to have a bicycle or bedroom makeover.

RFAD’s projects

  • The Jabulani Kingdom project offers entertainment for children in hospital wards.
  • Captain Courage is a boys only project that offers adventurous activities like zip lining, horseback riding, obstacle courses and many more as a form of reward for the children’s bravery.
  • Queen for a Day is for little girls and assists in lifting their spirits, build confidence and self-esteem.
  • Camp Sunshine is for fun, laughter, friendship, team building, games and sports activities.
  • Family focus assist families rebuild their relationships with other families experiencing similar challenges with recreational activities for children to relax and enjoy joyful childhood moments.
  • Lastly, the volunteer project where volunteers participate in different RFAD’s projects by devoting their time, donations and resources in fulfilling the children’s dreams.

RFAD’s campaigns

RFAD runs different fund-raising campaigns like the Slipper day, Dream Riders and the Show You Care Send A Bear.

For more of these fun campaigns, please visit the RFAD website here.

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LottoStar | Kfm update: 03 June 2019

The total amount contributed to the Reach for a Dream Foundation is R113 000

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