Meet Your Bachelor SA Season 2 Ladies |
Meet your Bachelor SA season 2 ladies
Meet your Bachelor SA season 2 ladies
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Posted By: Nicole

Get ready to fall in love with The Bachelor South Africa, season 2. On the journey to find ‘true love’ are 22 unique and beautiful ladies hoping to be Marc Buckner’s ‘happily ever after’. Find out more about the ladies who will be competing for their fairy tale ending… Catch the Bachelor South Africa, season 2 at 7 pm, every Thursday on M-Net.

Amor, 26
Former Blue Bulls Dancer, PTA

Former Blue Bull’s dancer, Amor can be described as a true romantic, loyal, kind and a soft-hearted soul. In addition, Amor has a fair command of both Mandarin and Spanish as she has travelled the world and lived in China and California. Amor would like her future husband to be highly intelligent, gentle and generous.

Quirky facts

  • She can mimic voices and knows the words to all the Disney songs.
  • Her favourite fictional character is Professor X (Xavier) from The X Men. Reading someone’s mind would be the ultimate superpower.

Andeline, 24
Student, CT

Andeline is a BA Drama student and a postgrad in Journalism who considers herself strong-willed, independent and a ball of energy. She is a go-getter whose mission on earth is to make a difference. When it comes to marriage, Andeline is ready to tie the knot with someone who is not threatened by her ambition and who is certainly not boring.

Quirky facts

  • She loves bundu bashing.
  • Her guilty pleasures are chocolates and Judge Judy.

Bridget, 31
Travel Agent, CT

Bridget is a Travel Agent with a big personality, big smile, big dreams and lighting up any room is her superpower. Going to the beach, hiking, walking on the promenade and shopping with her friends are her favourite activities. Bridget would like a partner in life (or crime) who is into the great outdoors.

Quirky facts

  • Bridget is allergic to peppadews but loves pickled ginger and eating lemons.
  • She tells pretty good dad jokes.

Daniella, 25
Entrepreneur, CT

Daniella is a successful self-made businesswoman, running her own online marketing and e-commerce venture. Best described as a typical, analytical, logical and health-conscious person with an enviable positive outlook on life and beautiful and kind aura. Daniella needs a partner with a zest for life and clear goals.

Quirky facts

  • Coffee is her secret to staying in shape. Oh, and she coughs when she eats ice-cream.
  • She has not dated a Caucasian man before. Marc will be the first.

Gillian, 26
Receptionist, JHB

Gillian, affectionally known as Gilly or Gills is a Receptionist and can best be described as an effervescent human being who always wears her heart on her sleeve. Among many wonderful traits, Gillian is multilingual and can speak Afrikaans, English and seTswana. Gillian loves to talk and she dislikes people who have no sense of humour.

Quirky facts

  • Gillian is an enthusiastic blogger and vlogger and loves making her own YouTube videos.
  • She has travelled to New York, Portland, San Francisco, New Orleans, Chicago, Washington, and Hawaii.

Greta, 27
Nail Artist, JHB

Nail Technician, Greta was born in Lithuania and has lived in South Africa since she was 12 years old. Other than her mixed European heritage, Greta can be described as an open-minded, free spirited party girl. Fast food chicken is the key to her heart and when it comes to burning off those calories, Greta prefers twerking to running or cycling.

Quirky facts

  • One of her nicknames is Uniqueen.
  • Apart from English she speaks Lithuanian, a bit of Russian, and Afrikaans.

Jessica C, 27
Pastry Chef, CT

Jessica C. is a Pastry Chef and bakery owner who can be described as calm and caring. When she’s not in the kitchen making her own bespoke cookies, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Jessica loves adventure and surprises, however, she says intelligent and philosophical people bore her.

Quirky facts

  • Jessica C.’s cookie company is called The Icing Hub.
  • If she could be a fictional character, it would be Lois Lane, because Clark Kent would be her boyfriend.

Jessica R, 28
Fashion Designer, CT

Jessica R. is a fashion designer who has her own active and swimwear line. She’s also a qualified hip hop dancer. She was one of four AFI Joburg Fashion Week winners and in her spare time she enjoys kayaking, hiking and hitting the gym. Jessica calls herself the “Single Pringle” in her circle of friends.

Quirky facts

  • She’s a pescatarian but eats chicken once a month for health reasons.
  • Her favourite fictional character is Veronica Lodge from Riverdale, because she is a driven, sexy boss lady who always gets what she wants.

Marisia , 24
Speech Therapist, JHB

Marisia is a Speech Therapist and Audiologist who cannot only speak seTswana and French but can fluently express herself in sign language. Her job has taught her to adapt to different life situations and apart from being multilingual, Marisia can be described as your level-headed-girl next door. That’s not all…She can play the piano.

Quirky facts

  • If she could be a fictional character it would be Ariel from The Little Mermaid, who taught her that being ginger is cool. Oh, and she would love to swim with dolphins every day of her life.
  • Her biggest pet peeve is the blue ticks on WhatsApp.

Michaela, 24
Client Liason Officer, PTA

Michaela is a Client Liaison Officer who is super passionate about her work and wants to be a role model by empowering woman. She measures success through the achievement of goals and is practical when it comes to romance. Michaela wants to be with a family-oriented man who will support her independence and work life.

Quirky facts

  • Her guilty pleasure is banana milkshakes.
  • The most outrageous thing that she has done is scuba diving with ragged tooth sharks and whale sharks.

Mulesa , 27
Human Rights Lawyer, EL

Mulesa is a Human Rights Lawyer and was born in Zambia, she spent her childhood between Zambia, Australia, Swaziland and South Africa. Elegant, quiet and accomplished are best used to describe Mulesa. However, there is a fun side to this accomplished lady, Mulesa loves playing video games and is a self-confessed night owl.

Quirky facts

  • She can speak French, but she also knows a bit of Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese Mandarin, Afrikaans, and Bemba.
  • Her favourite food is Indian, Thai, and Mexican.

Nolo, 27
Talk Radio Host, JHB

Nolo is a founder of a social enterprise, freelance radio host and voice-over artist. She studied at the University of Stellenbosch and is not afraid to travel solo. She travelled to Indonesia on her own for 21 days. This all independent lady loves to challenge the status quo. Nolo can best be described as bubbly, outgoing and outspoken.

Quirky facts

  • Her biggest role model is Oprah Winfrey.
  • Her favourite TV show of all time is Grey's Anatomy.

Parushka, 34
Film Director, JHB

Parushka is a Film Director who is pursuing her passion for storytelling in the City of Gold. Apart from directing films, Parushka also draws, paints, sings and writes popular romance novels under a pseudonym. Parushka’s secret guilty pleasure is bubble baths and she admits that she prefers animals to people.

Quirky facts

  • Parushka watched Titanic 13 times. Her excuse: she was 12 at the time and head-over-heels in love with Leonardo Di Caprio.
  • Her favourite music genre is country.

Pasha, 27
Dancer & Pilates instructor, CT

Pasha is a classically trained professional dancer, burlesque performer, choreographer and Pilates instructor. She can be described as feisty and fiercely independent. Pasha has a healthy sense of self-worth and she is not scared to speak her mind. Especially when someone puts an obstacle in her way!

Quirky facts

  • Pasha is a multi-talented performer. She was the leader of her school choir and played violin, piano, flute, guitar and drums.
  • She was a DHL Stormers cheerleader.

Payal, 30
Business Development Manager, JHB

Payal, aka, Pi is a Business Development Manager who also holds a BA in English Literature. Payal would describe herself as “honest and loyal, a born leader, driven and ambitious, generous and outgoing”. She is a straight shooter who tells it like it is – “It’s my way or the highway”. Her personal motto is ‘visualise, internalise and realise’.

Quirky facts

  • She holds a BA with English Literature and Communication Science as her major subjects.
  • She was born in Westville, KZN.

Qiniso, 26
Masters Student & Model, CT

Qiniso is not your typical model and actress. She’s a feminist and UCT Masters Student in Social Anthropology. When Qiniso is not having the time of her life in front of the cameras, or immersed in her books, you’ll find her hiking on Table Mountain or cooking for friends. Qiniso says she’s always up for a challenge.

Quirky facts

  • She speaks four languages – IsiZulu, isiSwati, isiXhosa, and English, and has a handle on conversational Spanish.
  • Her guilty pleasure is a Cinnabon.

Rikki , 34
Marketer, Presenter & DJ, JHB

Rikki is a Marketer, Presenter & DJ. She has her bachelor’s degree in Marketing and majored in drums. Beyond her self-reliant exterior is an empath whose dream is to do anything to make her parents’ lives better. Rikki is not your typical girly girl, she prefers to be on the racetrack, drifting or drag racing.

Quirky facts

  • Rikki completed a BA in Marketing at UJ and developed a marketing syllabus geared towards the entertainment industry.
  • She opened the Beat that Drum School to teach the drum syllabus she created and lectures her marketing syllabus to third-year students at the Academy of Sound Engineering.

Silke , 26
Vegan Activist, CT

Silke is a Vegan Activist and even though she cares about the planet, she’s not your typical tree-hugger. She’s a go-getter who does not beat around the bush. Silke is also a physics and maths tutor and her ideal man should be loyal, trustworthy and someone who enjoys the outdoors and loves animals as much as she does.

Quirky facts

  • Her favourite food is mushroom risotto.
  • Her favourite movie of all time is Harry Potter.

Stefanie, 27
Marketing Coordinator, JHB

Stefanie is a Marketing Coordinator who can be described as a sensitive and romantic soul. Strong family values are important to her and she looks up to her parents. Stefanie is making waves as a social media influencer and she is at her happiest when she’s posting pretty pictures on ‘The Gram’, cooking, or visiting the Mediterranean islands.

Quirky facts

  • She makes her own Gnocchi and hates coriander.
  • She is terrified of goggas. All insects. Even butterflies.

Tamryn, 30
Soldier, PTA

Tamryn is a soldier with a law degree but she is also a no nonsense sapiosexual who describes herself as a fierce, unapologetic, determined and adventurous bundle of joy. The sporty, disciplined law enforcer is also a model. In fact, she can be quite playful and flirtatious once she slips into a cocktail dress and heels!

Quirky facts

  • Tamryn can’t leave the house without earrings.
  • She plays netball twice a week., runs 5km every day and hikes 10km every Saturday.

Tegan, 30
Tennis Coach, PTA

Tegan is a former professional tennis player who now coaches the game, her hobbies include scrapbooking, baking and eating the raw dough! “To destress”, Tegan puts on her running shoes and hits the road, she has come to love the challenges posed by ultra-marathons. “Winning” is the most important word in her vocabulary.

Quirky facts

  • Tegan likes her name a lot and has a ton of quirky nicknames. Her family and close friends call her “Tink”. Thanks to her surname she’s also been “Eddy”. And then there’s “Princess”, because she’s such a girly girl for someone who looks like a tomboy.
  • She’s a sugar freak, who can’t survive without copious amounts of sweet stuff, in whichever form. To balance out the calories, she sticks to sugar-free cold drinks.

Xia, 23
Industrial Psychologist, DBN

Xia (pronounced Zee-yah) is an international model from Durban and has a degree in Industrial Psychology. Xia has been travelling the world for the past nine years and has graced international runways at several fashion weeks. This triple threat can best be described as fun, engaging and incredibly likeable.

Quirky facts

  • Like Marc, she’s an only child, but she was born into a big, amazing extended family. 500 of her family members live in and around Durban, and she had 700 guests at her 16th birthday celebration.
  • She’s a professional Bollywood dancer.

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