Neighbourhood Old Age Homes (NOAH) | LottoStar & KFM Charity Contributions |
Neighbourhood Old Age Homes (NOAH) | LottoStar & KFM Charity Contributions
Neighbourhood Old Age Homes (NOAH) | LottoStar & KFM Charity Contributions

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Neighbourhood Old Age Home (NOAH) was established in 1981 by Catholic Welfare & development, it is a haven and accommodation for pensioners and the elderly poor. The mission of NOAH is to provide safety, dignity, respect and life affordability to the old aged and social pensioners.

Noah houses and provides comfortable, safe and affordable accommodation to pensioners and the elderly poor. The Organisation has 11 communal homes for 107 fit, independent social pensioners. All 11 homes are situated in the greater Cape Town area (Woodstock, Maitland, Athlone, Atlantis, Elsies River and Ida’s Valley).

The harsh reality is that many pensioners are not able to care for themselves and cannot afford the resources to live with dignity. Amongst safe and affordable accommodation, NOAH provides the elderly with two private health clinics, financial support and income generation through social enterprise development. These services are holistically dedicated towards the care and well-being of the old aged.

As, the elderly face the reality of their deteriorating health and wellness – NOAH’s Primary Health Care model was put in place to address a variety of medical ailments such as costly chronic diseases. The programme, furthermore, stands to alleviate the burden of costly hospital expenses and makes provision for adequate medical treatment and counselling for pensioners.

An integral part of NOAH’s services is their provision of social enterprise development. Pensioners are given the opportunity to assist in various NOAH enterprises such as a Spaza shop and Food Take- Away in order generate an additional monthly income.

The old age association above all, encourages activeness, independence and happiness amongst its resident pensioners. As part of the old age organisation, two community centres situated in the Woodstock and Khayelitsha community provide invaluable social, wellness and financial support to pensioners and their families.

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The total amount contributed to Neighbourhood Old Age Homes is R311 000

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