Part 1 | LottoStar & Jacaranda FM’s How Lucky Can You Get? Charity Contributions! |
Part 1 | LottoStar & Jacaranda FM’s How Lucky Can You Get? charity contributions!
Part 1 | LottoStar & Jacaranda FM’s How Lucky Can You Get? charity contributions!

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“There can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to help others without expecting anything in return,” – Nelson Mandela.

This quote proves to be true for a group of selfless doctors and other medical professionals who founded Operation Healing Hands (OHH) with the hope of giving back to the community in commemoration of Nelson Mandela Day.

Operation Healing Hands is one of the selected charities in LottoStar’s How Lucky Can You Get? competition with Jacaranda FM, running between 14 June and 2 July 2021.

About Operation Healing Hands
OHH is a non-profit organisation that was founded by a group of doctors and medical professionals with the aim of relieving pressure from government hospitals by providing free surgeries and post-operative care to the underprivileged. The organisation’s aim is to close the socioeconomic gap of patients that need life-changing surgeries in the private and public healthcare sectors.

Patients are provided with free surgeries and medical care through donations that the organisation receive. OHH also covers the medical expenses and services on behalf of patients.

These life-changing surgeries restore hope and give patients an improved quality of life so that they can get back to enjoying life, return to work and contribute to the economy once more.

Expenses covered by OHH on behalf of patients:

  • Consultations and pre-operative procedures
  • Surgeries (e.g. orthopaedics, otolaryngology, plastic and general surgery, ophthalmology, urology and dentistry)
  • In-hospital treatments, X-rays, and medication
  • Post-operative follow-up, medication, and treatment for a three-month period
  • Post-operative rehabilitation, including physiotherapy or prosthetics, if required

Medical professionals involved volunteer their services while the private hospitals sponsor most of the theatre time and other medical processes required.

Other medical companies sponsor prostheses like hip and knee and other implants required at no cost to the patients.

To offer your help, support, or donations to OHH, please click here.