Part 2 | LottoStar & Jacaranda FM Contribute R1 Million To Families In Need |
Part 2 | LottoStar & Jacaranda FM contribute R1 Million to families in need
Part 2 | LottoStar & Jacaranda FM contribute R1 Million to families in need

Posted By: Charity

LottoStar and Jacaranda FM continue to touch the lives of families in need during the national lockdown across the country. Meet today’s R10 000 electronic vouchers or Angel Rands recipients: Lerato Moutlana, Vincent Joubert, Caslina Sibanyoni, Carel Bronkhorst and Christelle Swanepoel. Vouchers are redeemable at the recipients’ nearest retailers and can be used on groceries and essentials. Tune into Jacaranda FM daily, until 17 April, to follow the journeys of our different nominees.

Recipient 1: Lerato Moutlana, single mother of 5 from Seshego, Limpopo

Lerato Moutlana, a single mother of 5, currently resides at her deceased parents’ home and is struggling to find employment. She relies on her children’s government grants to survive. With the national lockdown underway, Lerato faces the difficulty of making ends meet. She is also a victim of a cell phone scam and lost the little money she had. Lerato’s friend, Isaac recognised her struggles and hardships and contacted Good Morning Angels (GMA) to nominate her to be a recipient of the R10 000 Angel Rands.

Recipient 2: Vincent Joubert, main breadwinner to a family of 5 from Springs, Gauteng

For Vincent Joubert, a sound engineer, the effects of Covid-19 hit as early as January when the Chinese New Year Event and all his other shows got cancelled. This father of 3, husband and main breadwinner runs another business where he escorts abnormal loaded trucks. Sadly, Vincent’s bakkie was involved in an accident, adding another blow to his earnings and must now wait for the lockdown to be over before it gets repaired. Vincent’s wife, Elaine, couldn’t bare to see her husband’s daily struggles and looked for a way to put a smile on his face by writing to GMA to nominate him as one of the Angel Rands recipients.

Recipient 3: Caslina Sibanyoni, single mother of 4

The national lockdown restrictions put a strain on Caslina Sibanyoni’s household. This struggling single mother of 4, works as a cleaner at a company but now is unable to earn a living. To add to her pain, a week before the lockdown, Caslina lost her father. She looked after him when he was ill. She received just a portion of her salary and faced with the fear of not being able to provide for her family. But an angel named Zelda Sampson, contacted GMA to assist Caslina during these tough times. Caslina’s prayers have been answered and she is also one of the R10 000 Angel Rands recipients.

Recipient 4: Carel Bronkhorst, provider to a family of 14

Carel Bronkhorst is one of the R10 000 Angel Rands recipients after being nominated by his daughter, Melissa. Carel and his wife are currently responsible for providing for 7 adults and 7 kids and are all living in a 3-bedroom house. His daughter, Melissa, her husband and other family members lost their jobs and the ability to earn incomes due to the national lockdown thus putting strain on the family’s finances.

Recipient 5: Christelle Swanepoel, self-employed

Christelle Swanepoel nominated herself and her husband to be the recipients of the R10 000 Angel Rands. They’re both self-employed and repair fridges for a living but find themselves unable to earn an income due to the lockdown. They have two kids to provide for with the youngest being born in January this year. The family is dealing with the stress of not being able to afford nappies, formula milk, food and other essentials for their kids and the rest of the household. Some nights, Christelle’s husband goes to bed hungry as there has not been enough food for the rest of the family.