Part 3 | Charity Contributions In The LottoStar & Kfm May Money Madness Competition |
Part 3 | Charity contributions in the LottoStar & Kfm May Money Madness competition
Part 3 | Charity contributions in the LottoStar & Kfm May Money Madness competition

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It’s the last week of LottoStar’s May Money Madness competition with Kfm and this week’s final charity contributions will go towards The Daisy Project – a non-profit organisation formed by a community of volunteers to serve and support patients and staff members at the Karl Bremer hospital, Western Cape.

The Daisy Project aims to reduce the long waiting list of patients awaiting surgeries by getting doctors and nurses to volunteer their expertise and services at no cost.

Medical procedures occur once a month, on a select Saturday, at the Karl Bremer hospital. However, the organisation hopes to expand to other government hospitals and impact as many lives as it can.

The Daisy Project works through the theatre lists provided by the hospital. Their services are also extended towards patients who’ve fallen off the list due to emergencies.

The Daisy Projects relies on donations and volunteer work from doctors and nurses in the community. Sometimes they must buy some of the services from locum medical practitioners to assist with reducing the waiting list.

For more information on how to support or volunteer at The Daisy Project, please click here.

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Update: 31 May 2021

Update: 10 June 2021

"The donation will be used towards the surgeries that we perform. With the amount you have given us, we should be able to continue for another year. And because of the finances, we might be able to run double lists, that will increase our output even more", reported The Daisy Project.