Part 5 | LottoStar And Kfm #WeAreFamily |
Part 5 | LottoStar and Kfm #WeAreFamily
Part 5 | LottoStar and Kfm #WeAreFamily

Posted By: Charity

We are in week 5 of the national lockdown and things have been getting worse for families and households with little to no income. How do we keep afloat? Who do we turn to? What will fate hold for us all? These are the many questions and fears that families and households are battling with, however, we are here to offer a helping hand and a share of R500 000 to 50 families in the Western Cape because #WeAreFamily.

Recipient 1: Shané Hendricks

Shané and her husband are struggling to keep their heads above water because of the lockdown. They have two children to provide for, but both are not able to earn salaries during this period. Coming from a shelter in less than a month before the lockdown, they moved into an empty house with just the clothes on their back. They struggled to get a bed and a small stove. They don’t know where their rent or next meal will come from in times such as these. We have sent Shané R10 000 and an additional R9 000 which will go towards 6 months of rent.

Recipient 2: Gillian Slade

Gillian, a single mother of 3 and a teacher at a primary school is at her wit's end now as she can’t earn an income during the lockdown. She only gets her salary when school fees are paid through the governing board at the school. With no income, her bills are piling up and she does not have enough food to get through this period. We have sent R10 000 to Gillian to assist during this challenging period in her life.

Recipient 3: Shaun Fortein

For Shaun, his wife and their four children, dark clouds appeared as early as last year October when his wife lost her job. He was the sole breadwinner until January when his wife got another job but unfortunately for Shaun, his employment ended. Three months into her employment, the lockdown hit, and Shaun’s wife struggles to provide food, basic needs and pay bills from the little salary she earns. Shaun’s mother-in-law, Shirley George, reached out to us to nominate them. We have sent R10 000 to Shaun and his family.

Recipient 4: Elizabeth Warnick

Elizabeth and her husband are going through a difficult period as they don’t have any income during the lockdown. Elizabeth runs a soup kitchen and her husband has a part-time job so that there’s food on the table, however, this has ended due to the lockdown. They are currently starving and have no food to eat. We have sent Elizabeth and her husband R10 000 after being nominated by their son-in-law, Wilbur Maritz.

Recipient 5: Marchelle Petersen

Marchelle was nominated by her son, Brent Philander, who describes her as a woman with a big heart and always willing to lend a helping hand to those who need it. She opened her home to help her daughter, son-in-law and their two children and sister-in-law who is currently pregnant. Marchelle, supports the whole family and household with her factory work salary. Her son-in-law works as a casual worker. We have sent Marchelle R10 000 to assist with all her necessities.