Part 6 | LottoStar & Jacaranda FM Contribute R1 Million To Families In Need |
Part 6 | LottoStar & Jacaranda FM contribute R1 Million to families in need
Part 6 | LottoStar & Jacaranda FM contribute R1 Million to families in need

Posted By: Charity

Family Day is a sad reminder to some families or households of what they can’t provide or offer to their loved ones during this lockdown period. Indeed, a sad reminder of how much this pandemic has disrupted lives and taken away from many families, not only in South Africa but globally. However, we are all making efforts to beat this and while at it, lend a hand where we can. Read more on the journeys of today’s R10 000 Angel Rands recipients and how a little goes a long way and could change a person’s life.

Recipient 1: Simoné Kruger from BezValley, Gauteng

Simoné is on the verge of giving up on life after being dealt a bad hand. She’s a single mother of 2, fighting mental depression from an abusive relationship with her partner. She survived a mastectomy 2 years ago and has been on the waiting list for a transplant for about 10 years now. When she finally found a job last year to sustain her family, her happiness was short-lived when she got retrenched. Her sons are on scholarship at a private school for children with special needs. She currently relies on her children’s social grant to sustain them. She doesn’t have a stable home and moves from place to place because she can’t afford rent. Her 2 angels, Sashquita Northey and Ameera reached out to us for assistance. Simoné is now one of our R10 000 Angel Rands recipients.

Recipient 2: Shereen Taljaard from Bonacord, Pretoria

Shereen is a struggling wife and mother of 3. Her husband is a truck driver but due to the lockdown, won’t be earning a salary. Shereen’s family have no food and essentials to keep going during this period. Sometimes Diaan, Shereen’s eldest son who also nominated her, goes around the neighbourhood asking for food. The situation is heart-breaking for Shereen and her husband as they hate seeing their children suffer. Shereen is now a recipient of our R10 000 Angel Rands.

Recipient 3: Godfrey Gavi, a waiter from Eastlynn, Gauteng

Godfrey is a waiter and survives on tips but that has come to a halt because of the lockdown. He’s a father of 2 and his wife is a domestic worker who also can’t earn a salary during this period. They are both faced with a difficult financial situation and the fear of not making it during this time. He’s also worried that he won’t be able to afford school fees for his children when schools open. Godfrey receives R10 000 in Angel Rands to assist with groceries and essentials during this dark period.

Recipient 4: Elsa Nel, a widow from Bakerville, North West

Elsa is described as a woman with a golden heart by her angel, Annelie Bossert. Elsa lives in a digger’s community that encompasses of pensioners and the unemployed. She is known for her good deeds as she’s always willing to share the little she has with others in her community. She provides Annelie’s family with water and food on a daily. No good deed goes unnoticed and Elsa will receive R10 000 Angel Rands from LottoStar and GMA.

Recipient 5: Annelie Venter, an art teacher from Lephalale, Limpopo

Annelie was nominated by one of her students, Philip Kruger. Philip describes Annelie as a very caring and good-hearted person that always help where she can. Annelie offers art class lessons after school hours to approximately 61 people from age 5 to 60. Annelies Arte Akademie is not government funded and due to the lockdown, she won’t be generating an income. Annelie receives R10 000 Angel Rands not only for her good heart but for her groceries and essentials.