Part 8 | LottoStar & Jacaranda FM Contribute R1 Million To Families In Need |
Part 8 | LottoStar & Jacaranda FM contribute R1 Million to families in need
Part 8 | LottoStar & Jacaranda FM contribute R1 Million to families in need

Posted By: Charity

Five more families receive financial relief during the national lockdown from LottoStar and Jacaranda FM’s Good Morning Angels. Families receive R10 000 in Angel Rands or electronic vouchers that can be redeemed at their nearest retailers to assist with groceries and essentials. We encourage you to nominate a family or household in need during this dark period to receive the much-needed help. Read more about our recipients.

Recipient 1: Brett Mandy, manager of Ebenezer House in Witpoortjie, Gauteng

Ebenezer House is a non-profit organization for people with psychiatric conditions like schizophrenia and bipolar. The home cares for 23 people with mental challenges. Residents are encouraged to help themselves and work and currently, three residents are in sheltered employment. The home receives government grants; however, they were informed by the department of health that no grants will be paid until June. The home usually organises fundraising events to supplement their income when government grants aren’t forthcoming, and they had their annual cycle challenge planned but had to be cancelled due to the national lockdown. The home needs a total of R73 000 for the month of April but only managed to raise R10 400 from 3 donations. They made a plea on their Facebook page requesting assistance but are still over R60 000 short. One of the resident’s daughter, Olivia Higley reached out to GMA for assistance. We’ve sent R10 000 Angel Rands to the Ebenezer House.

Recipient 2: DJ Jazzy D and the Eersterust Community, Gauteng

This request comes after Jacaranda FM’s DJ Jazzy D posted a plea on his Facebook page a few days ago, asking for donations to assist thousands of hungry and needy Eersterust families with basic food and necessities. Growing up faced with the same challenges of poverty that most in his community still face today, he strives to give back and make a difference. The response to DJ Jazzy D’s plea was overwhelming and to date, he raised R105 000 for his community. We’ve sent R 10 000 in Angel Rands to DJ Jazzy in support of his efforts to raise funds for much-needed food and help in the Eersterust Community during the lockdown.

Recipient 3: Chantel Oliver from Wilropark, Rooderpoort

Chantel nominated herself to be a recipient of the R10 000 Angel Rands. Chantel and her family live in a garage with no electricity. Her father suffers from colon cancer and can’t get medication from the hospital as they only allow emergencies. Chantel’s husband is the only breadwinner but only received half of his salary in March and he won’t be receiving a salary during this lockdown because of the no-work-no-pay policy at his workplace. They’ve run out of food and have nowhere to turn for help. Chantel’s daughter is turning 14 today and all Chantel wants is to give her a hot meal and a cake for her birthday. We’ve sent Chantel R10 000 Angel Rands to assist with groceries and essentials.

Recipient 4: Ben Toerien, a gardener from Nigel, Gauteng

Ben used his last R5 to buy data to write to us requesting assistance during the lockdown. He works as a gardener, 2 weeks in a month earning small wages to survive. When the lockdown was announced, he had just started working after being unemployed for years. Ben has no food left and finds himself in a very dire situation. We’ve sent Ben R10 000 Angel Rands to assist him with food and essentials during this period.

Recipient 5: Shawn and Monica Naudé from White River, Mpumalanga

Shawn suffers from dwarfism, but his big heart pushed him to write to us requesting assistance for his mother, Monica. She rents a small flat for the two of them. They don’t have running water and electricity and rely on nearby neighbours to bring them water. They use candles for light at night and fire to prepare their food as they, unfortunately, cannot afford to buy a gas bottle. They rely on Monica’s disability grant as the only source of income and can barely cover rent and other expenses. Monica suffers from the same terminal illness that Joost van der Westhuizen had. She needs medication for her terminal illness, but she can’t afford it now. She can only buy it from certain pharmacies with a prescription, it’s +- R250 for a week's worth. We’ve sent R10 000 Angel Rands to Shawn and Monica to assist with groceries and essentials during this lockdown.