Part 9 | LottoStar And Kfm #WeAreFamily |
Part 9 | LottoStar and Kfm #WeAreFamily
Part 9 | LottoStar and Kfm #WeAreFamily

Posted By: Charity

Family is the support you will never have to pay for because come rain or shine, they will be there to cheer you on every of your life goals’. With this saying, LottoStar and Kfm are proud to offer help and support to ‘our’ families in the Western Cape. Although we might not have known each of the nominated families before, but your stories have touched our hearts and will forever remain with us forever because #WeAreFamily. Therefore, just as families support and care for one another, we stretched out our hands to support and assist ‘our’ families below by offering them a share of R500 000 to assist with their needs and essentials through this difficult time.

Recipient 1: Jesmine Otto

Jesmine reached out to us because she’s facing a very difficult situation at home. She’s struggling to provide food and essentials for her 2 children, with the youngest being 1 year old and requires baby food, formula and nappies. Her husband is not receiving an income due the lockdown and Jesmine receives only 65 percent of her salary. We’ve sent Jesmine R10 000 to assist and support her family during this difficult time.

Recipient 2: Glenda Bosch

Glenda has been going through a tough time even before the lockdown commenced. She lost her son’s father in the past year and a week later, she got retrenched. As a single mother, she’s been fighting to get herself back on her feet again, but she feels like she’s fighting a losing battle. She couldn’t afford to buy a birthday gift for her son on his birthday and other stuff he needs for school. Glenda’s friend, Juanita Goldie, reached out to us explaining how Glenda is close to losing everything she has and in need of help. We listened and sent Glenda R10 000 to assist with her needs.

Recipient 3: Elton Africa

Thanks to Elton for sharing his story, he will receive R10 000. Elton is married with three children and unfortunately, prior to the lockdown, he was retrenched from his job. Elton and his family live in a one-bedroom, one-bathroom spare room. Elton and his wife were only able to pay for their rent for the month and buy some food. However, by the second week of the lockdown, the family had no food or money left over. The family have been living off vetkoek and water ever since. Due to social distancing, the family are not able to receive donations from their family members or neighbours.

Recipient 4: Dawn Whitaker

Dawn and her husband are nominated by Abongile Sigqolana, because of the hardships they are facing during the lockdown. With a bond, water and electricity to pay, both Dawn and her husband are struggling as they have no income. Dawn runs a daycare centre and her husband does piece jobs for a living. Their daughter, Robyn, also lost her job in December. We’ve sent R10 000 to the Whitakers to help during this trying time.

Recipient 5: Henrietta Jonathan

Henrietta is described by her friend and the one who nominated her, Leanne Van Loggerenberg, as a very humble woman with a special heart. Henrietta works as a domestic worker and her husband in the construction industry but they are both badly affected by the lockdown as they are unable to work or earn salaries to sustain their household. With 3 adults and 6 children in their household, they are battling to put food on the table and can’t afford basic essentials. We’ve sent the Jonathan family R10 000 to help and support them during such a time.