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Posted By: Nicole

What would you do if you found out that you have just won $20,000 (R240,863.03 in South Africa) a year for the next 20 years of your life? Well just ask one lucky lady from Proserpine, Queensland, Australia, who won division one in the Set for Life lottery – Set for Life gives you the chance to win the division one prize of $20,000 a month for 20 years – that’s $20K on replay. Each ticket you purchase gives you an entry into seven consecutive daily draws! Meaning you have the chance to win $20K on replay seven times.

The lucky winner was at work when she received a phone call informing her that she had just won $20,000 a year for the next 20 year of her life which means that she will receive a total of $4,8 million (R57 Million) in the next two decades. As one can only imagine, the major winner was in absolute disbelief upon receiving the good news. “Oh my god! Oh my god!” she laughed. “I am shocked! I don’t know what to say. “I am completely speechless.” “I can’t believe this has happened to me. I never in a million years thought I would win division one”, said the lucky winner.

The overjoyed winner had a few ideas about how she would be spending her winnings. "The first thing I am going to do is get myself a new car”, she explained.

“I will share some with my family too, and I want to donate some money to a number of charities.

“I will keep working, but I might cut back a bit. I might do some volunteering instead!

“I just don’t even know what I will do with the rest of the prize.

“I won’t be worried about looking out for things on sale now though!

“We’ve always been battlers, so this changes everything for my family”.

The lucky winner purchased the winning 5-game QuickPick at a local store in Proserpine.

The winning numbers in the Set for Life draw 1850 were 19, 35, 7, 5, 23, 44 and 34, with the bonus numbers 17 and 41.

Across the country, the Queensland winner held the only entry that won the division one prize in Set for Life draw 1850 on Saturday 29 August 2020. She is now the 66th Set for Life division one winner nationally since the game began and the 12th Set for Life division one winner for the year.

You could be ‘set’ for the rest of your life too!

Place your bets on LottoStar’s Set for Life and you could win a payout of up to R650 Million.

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