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The online betting sphere is ever-changing, emerging and progressive. Here is some of the latest news in the betting and lottery industries from across the world.

R2,5 Billion EuroMillions winner

A ticket holder from Spain won the EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot on Friday 25th September, matching all the numbers to instantly become €130 million richer (R2,5 Billion). The winner has still not come forward to claim their prize but he/ she will have the choice to remain anonymous after their prize. The winning numbers were 19, 23, 34, 37 and 45 and the Lucky Star numbers were 1 and 7. The EuroMillions Superdraw which offers a larger jackpot only takes place occasionally throughout the year.


A first ever for online betting and Serie A

In September, the Crypto Millions Lottery announced its’s partnership with Serie A club Atalanta. B.C. This is the first-ever partnership between an online betting site and Serie A club and to demonstrate their partnership, the duo aims to bring one of the world’s most widely used alternative currency, Bitcoin to the mainstream.

“We are delighted to have found a partner that has the same disruptive approach as us. With their outstanding performances in Serie A, and having established themselves on the world stage, Atalanta B.C. was an obvious choice of partner for us. This is going to be an exciting year for us both. We are planning to add a number of new lotteries to our site plus the ability to play using credit cards. Whilst Atalanta B.C. will be mixing it with Europe’s elite clubs as they challenge for the Champions League again.” Said, Crypto Millions Lotto CEO Sulim Malook.


An online sports betting platform with a twist

The state of Tennessee in the United States of America is getting ready to launch their online sports betting platform and will become the 18th state in America to have legalized online sports betting. However, Tennessee’s online sports betting comes with a twist as the state is the only one without brick-and-mortar gambling. Its casino-free landscape means Tennessee does not require possession of a retail gambling license as a precondition for an operator license, a common qualifier in other states. Moreover, the state's online sports gambling regulator, (Tennessee Education Lottery Corp.) has set a 90% cap on payouts which has sparked an array of controversy. Several experts deemed this as an anomaly and an unprecedented move in the United States. Tennessee's Sports Gaming Act became law on July 1, 2019.


One lucky lady achieves her dreams of winning the lottery before the age of 30

A 22-year old Nigerian woman has achieved her dream of winning the lottery and making her first million before the age of 30. The woman whose Twitter handle is @LavishRuby celebrated her win by retweeting a post she tweeted in 2018 stating “I’m really trying to be a millionaire before I’m 30”. The new millionaire has also added that she has made her first million with four business and 11 sources of income already under her belt.


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