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Why do so many people dream, wish or pray for endless wealth? Is it the power that comes with having millions in your bank account or the fact that you can afford all the finer things in life? It could possibly be a combination of things. However, are there certain perks and advantages that one could only experience because of their wealth and status?

Here are some common generalisations made about those who have continually sustained high levels of financial and emotional control in every aspect of their lives.

The benefit of Financial Freedom

Topping the list when it comes to the advantages of being rich is never having to worry about everyday living expenses or living on a budget. Having enough money in your bank account to afford your living essentials and still have enough money left over to enjoy doing the things you love. Financial freedom is more than living debt-free. It is the ability to live life the way you truly desire without financial or emotional strain.

A variety of options and greater opportunities

Wealth attracts wealth therefore those who are financially well off can often afford better opportunities. Those who are wealthy can use their money to make more money whereas those who live on a budget do not always have the means to make more money or attract better opportunities. Having an abundance of money not only gives you greater opportunities but more options too. Those who live on a stringent financial budget do not often get the luxury of choosing a lifestyle they desire but live by their means and what is affordable for them.

More time to do what you love

Although all individuals have the same 24-hours in a day, the wealthy often tend to have more available time to do the things they love. The everyday working-class individuals often spend most of their time in a day working or attending to their families, whilst the majority of the wealthy employ people to work for them such as staff and personal assistants. Not being involved in all the immediate processes of each day gives you a lot more time to do the things you enjoy the most.

Better quality of life

A global study indicated that the wealthy have an additional 20 years of a productive lifespan than the less fortunate. This is attributed to many things, namely: higher level of care, food, diet and fitness. Those who are well off can afford better health care and the most advanced medical and surgical resources. The wealthy often eat better because they can afford to eat the highest quality foods, not to mention, they can afford the best gyms, training equipment and personal trainers.

Education, & Crisis Management

Being financially well-off means having access to the best and most expensive schools, mentors, teachers and never having to compromise on the type of education you or your family receive. When it comes to a crisis, an abundance of money does not get rid of unforeseen circumstances that may come your way but it can certainly help reduce the stress, effects and seriousness of most situations. This applies largely to situations that require legal representation, having the financial resources to hire the best legal teams does increase your chances of minimizing the effects of a particular situation.

War and Natural disasters

The wealthy 1% of the world’s population are often least affected by harsh realities such as war and natural disasters. Therefore, those who are well off have a better chance of coming out unscathed in circumstances of political unrest, or life-threatening weather conditions which often wreak havoc in many countries. The elite class are not restricted by lack of money and in cases of unforeseen disaster, they are able to leave the country by means of private transportation. There are life-threatening situations like terror attacks or natural disasters without warning, that not even the wealthy can escape but the elite upper class are often covered by high-level insurance policies and escape routes.

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