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Posted By: Nicole

Do you believe that someone could look into the future and tell you your fortune? What if you were told that you win the lottery the next day, would you go buy a lottery ticket? Or, what about the idea of serendipity – a series of events which happen by chance and lead you to your destiny? If you do not believe in any of these theories, here are two stories that could possibly change your mind.

Your winning lottery numbers could be in a crystal ball

A 56-year-old Australian woman sought out guidance from a clairvoyant who advised the woman that she would win the lottery in the year to follow. The woman was not a frequent lottery player until she visited the fortune teller who told her that she would win. Believe it not or not, the 56-year-old woman has just won a lottery jackpot, she matched the winning numbers in her 12-game Oz Lotto SlikPik, winning $1.25 million (R20 Million). The lucky lady was in absolute disbelief when she found out that she had won the lottery.

“I was buying this week’s Powerball ticket online and thought I’d just check my Oz Lotto numbers at the same time and couldn’t believe it,” the winner said.

“I was calm but it didn’t seem real as I thought, will someone call me? But no one did and so I thought I’d imagined it. I then, very shyly called Lotterywest in the morning and they verified it for me.”

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A streak of fortune

One man has just become $50,000 (R816,000) richer after a series of fortunate events – the man-made a last-minute decision to catch a bus to his medical appointment. He had been feeling quite bleak at the thought of getting an injection in his knee and rather than walking to his appointment, he decided to take a bus.

The bus made a stop at The Lucky Charm Victoria Park shopping centre where the man purchased a Pharaoh’s Treasure Scratch ‘n Win ticket to pass time in the waiting room at his doctor.

To his surprise and joy, the man ended up winning an amazing $50,000 from the Scratch ’n Win game.

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