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WMACA - Women & Men Against Child Abuse | 702 Charity Contribution
WMACA - Women & Men Against Child Abuse | 702 Charity Contribution

WMACA - selected by Joanne Joseph

Who is WMACA?

WMACA is an organisation dedicated to fighting child abuse in South Africa. Under the umbrella of WMACA is Kidz Clinics, situated in Alexandra, Boksburg and Pretoria, holistically, the establishment’s aim is to create and provide various dynamics to prevent all forms of abuse against children.

The WMACA Establishment

The organisation, established in 1997, have made it their duty to provide medical and psychological treatment to children dealing with the trauma of abuse. With the shocking increase of child abuse in the South Africa, WMACA has been proactive in its advocacy role by highlighting the stigma of sexual abuse amongst children and rectifying the inadequacies of government structures.

What does WMACA do?

The organisation takes a firm stance its advocacy role - they use the media to raise awareness about inadequate judicial processes that continue to cause so many injustices for abused children. Amongst providing medical treatment and counselling to victims of abuse, the organisation educates children and families in order to prevent the cycle of abuse.

Kidz Clinics

The Kidz Clinics were established to serve as a safe-haven for children of abuse – each establishment provides medical and psychological treatment to children who have been sexually, violently and emotionally violated. By employing qualified doctors, social workers and forensic nurses, the Kidz Clinics are able to provide suitable medical and psychological assessments and treatment for each victim of abuse.

It is crucial to speak out against all forms of abuse and to the break the cycle of this injustice. Too many victims of abuse do not get the necessary treatment and counselling to deal with the trauma that is caused by this heinous crime. WMACA’s advocacy and prevention programmes are completely victim-centered and offers 24/7 rehabilitation and care for victims of abuse.

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LottoStar | 702 update: 06 May 2019

The total amount contributed to the Women and Men Against Child Abuse is R6 500.