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Posted By: Nicole

Around the world, the age in which you can bet online or participate in any lottery varies from country to country. However, there are some countries that allow young adults as young as 16 years old, to participate or play in major lottery draws. This means that there are some young millionaires around the world who have acquired their wealth through winning a major lottery.

Here are some of the youngest lottery winners in history.

R40 Million UK Lottery winner

In 2003, Callie Rogers, became the UK’s youngest lottery winner after winning £1,9 Million (R40 Million) in the UK Lottery. She was 16-years old at the time and a foster care child. The young millionaire quit her part-time job and started splurging her winning as most 16-year olds would. She spent her winnings on plastic surgery, luxury holidays, partying, designer clothes, the list is endless. However, 10 years later Callie wound up broke and admitted that “the win came too early in her life”. She is now a mother to three children and wants them to grow up knowing the value of money.

R21 Million EuroMillions winner

Jane Park became the UK’s youngest EuroMillions Lottery winner after winning £1 Million (R21 Million) in 2013. She was only 17 years old at the time and won off the first lottery ticket she had ever purchased. Seven years later, Jane has splurged almost all her winnings on plastic surgery and living luxuriously, she has also encountered a few cases with law enforcement. She has even threatened to sue the UK National Lottery, holding them accountable for all the misfortunes she has encountered since her win.

R16 Million scratch ticket winner

This major winner is a bit different than usual – Robert Salso, from New York, USA, purchased a $2 (R32) Win for Life scratch ticket in 2012. He struck it lucky and won $1 Million (R16 Million), however, instead of getting paid out all at once, he won $1000 (R16,462) a week, for the rest of his life. Robert was the youngest Win for Life scratch card winner at the time and he planned on purchasing a BMW and paying for his college tuition with his winnings.

R581 Million US Powerball winner

19-year old, Jay Vargas struck it lucky in 2008 when he won a massive $35,3 Million (R581 Million) US Powerball jackpot. Jay quickly quit his construction job to live a life of luxury, he too fell into the trap of splurging all his cash. This included making a lot of bad investments and a life of hard-partying, drugs and alcohol.

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