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Lifetime of Airtime

Lifetime of Airtime

Lifetime of AirtimeLifetime of Airtime

Stand to win a Lifetime of Airtime with just a scratch of a card. Simply, place a bet for just R2 for a chance to win a maximum payout of up to R600,000 – instantly.

Players then have the option to reveal their results immediately, or they can scratch the electronic card open to reveal their results. Players can also select Auto Bets from 1 to 100 bets.

In order to win the maximum payout, a player must match 5 of 24 numbers in the first ball set and 2 of 12 bonus numbers from the second ball set.

If you want to review your bets, your bet slips can be viewed in My Account.

The complete Fixed Odds table can be viewed here.

The terms and conditions can be viewed here.

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