Side Bet CitySide Bet City

Side Bet City is an exciting variant to the traditional game of Poker. The player is given 4 options to place a bet on, namely; the 3 card, 5 card, 7 card or’ all loose’ option. The aim of the game is to place a bet on the winning hand/option. Players can bet on any combination of the 4 bet options. The game is played with one standard 52-card deck, with the cards shuffled after each game. Betting starts from as little as R5 with payouts up to R1,603,000.

For all game information please visit the game itself and click on the “?” image on the top right of your screen on desktop or click on the hamburger menu on the bottom right of your screen, followed by the “Help” option on mobile.

Maximum table limit: R25,000.

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